12Ships will make your journey to the blockchain investment as easy as possible
by providing profitable and reliable mining infrastructure

12Ships’ Voyage to the Future

12Ships was launched to realize the paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through blockchain.

We have developed both the high-performance hardware needed to keep the data recorded in the blockchain reliable and the software needed for its operations.

This is the future that 12Ships will realize to turn this platform and service into a new business that is capable of expanding.

Asic Chip

  • High performance & low power
  • Support multi-algorithm mining
  • Supports functions like real-time switching, combination of multiple algorithms and parallel mining
  • With world leading production process and low voltage technology

Immersion Cooling System

  • 100 times more efficient than the air-cooling method
  • Save up to 50% of the space and reduce 40% energy consumption
  • Patented Heat Exchanger System
  • Thermal energy recycling using mobile container module


  • The only Bitcoin mining pool in Korea
  • 3S (Smart Monitoring, Smart Contract, Smart Voting) Easy UI / UX
  • Transparent operation and calculate
  • We will develop and offer more profitable digital asset options including Altcoin Mining in the future


  • PoW-based public block-chain network
  • Applies to data requiring forgery prevention and convenient verification
  • Expansion from product / shipment history to quality / reputation
  • The node that participated in the verification and generation of the block chain secured the rewards


Token holder / POS owner / Affiliation member


Mining Pool

For the first time in the industry, we are developing 'Panokseon II', a high-performance / high-efficiency hardware using 11-nano process ASIC, and developing 'HANSANDO', the only domestic mining pool in Korea for transparent and fair distribution. Hash power over a certain scale is required for smooth mining pool operation.

This hash power requires a high level of software skills and operational capabilities to validate the record of the block chain and to link the blocks and distribute the profits through error-free calculate


Based on the high-level block chain related hardware / software technology accumulated by 12Ships, we have developed the PoW-based block chain network 'HashChain'

The HashChain allows anyone to record, store, validate, and recall important data without the risk of data transmission errors, hacking or tampering

This network is open to anyone who can access and use it, participate as a node, validate and create blocks, and receive a point reward, that can be used within a block-chain network


Our vision is that we will expand uses of 12SHIPS tokens by implementing a blockchain platform based on TwelveShips Mining Infrastructure and by developing a service that is beneficial and reliable for crypto economy, and ultimately, we will create a globally trusted platform based on the blockchain.

Our core team of outstanding experts and experienced professionals in the area of business strategy and planning, hardware and ASIC development, block-chain algorithm and software development, and heat exchanger development has been working together to actualize what is mentioned above.

Team member

QianJie Zhao

Director, 12Ships Foundation
CEO, Vancores
Advisor, FBG Group
Entered the blockchain industry in 2014 as BTCChina’s Marketing Director. Later in 2014, Qianjie took the leading role in BTC China’s mining pool when it was first launched and soon became one of the largest bitcoin mining pools in the world. In early 2019, QJ joined FBG Group as advisor and at the same time jointly founded Vancores which started the R&D of a multi-algorithm ASIC.

Team member

Peng Zhao

CTO, 12Ships
CTO, Vancores
15 years of research and development experience in IC. Peng led R&D of blockchain chips, multimedia IPTV SOC chips, CMMB communication chips, digital TV security chips, 4G LTE communication chips. Prior to Vancores, Peng worked in Shanghai Huaya Microelectronics, Beijing Chuangyi video Beijing Digital Taihe and Dongxin communication, etc.
Team member

Sandy Liang

CMO, 12Ships
Sandy gets into Blockchain industry from 2016. As Operations Director of BITKAN (Invested by Bitmain) from 2016-2018, she participated in developing the first cryptocurrency OTC platform and Blockchain community platform with 400+ KOLs. She also organized the production of first CN Bitcoin documentation. She was the core Marketing team of Ontology.

Team member

Duncan Chen

Chief Hardware Architect, 12Ships
Hardware Design & Integration Director, Vancores.
Prior to Vancores, Duncan has served in two of the world’s top 500 companies, with more than 16 years experiences in consumer electronics and industry automation hardware design and management.

Team member

Chase Wang

Chief Software Architect, 12Ships
Software System Architect, Vancores.
Prior to Vancores, Chase was the tech. director of BTCC Pool, which was also known as BTCChina Pool. Chase is extensively experienced in blockchain and crypto-currency mining. Expert in architecture desige, smart contract, blockchain development and multiple development languages. 

Team member

Irene Young

Marketing  Manager, 12Ships
With a BSc Degree in Economics, Irene is a passionate marketing and communication manager who has worked extensively in both traditional financial sections and blockchain industry. Prior to 12Ships foundation, she worked in several organizations including one of the Fortune Global 500 companies, a crypto exchange and a financial consulting firm. She also has 3 years’ working experience in terms of investment in Europe.


Team member

Victor Zou

MBA of Tsinghua University, Bachelor and PHD candidate of Renmin University of China.
Director, FBG Capital
Victor has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry. After entering in Blockchain industry, he Invested in a number of projects, some get into the Market Cap Top 100 with his support. Created the business model of comprehensive service in secondary market, which created significant value for FBG and partners.

Team member

Dr. WANG Xingjun

Professor at Tsinghua University, with the support of the Nanjing Software Park Management Office of China (Nanjing) Software Valley and invested by a well-known blockchain investment institution.
Special allowance expert on the State Council, and a well-known expert on the field of digital TV and information security.


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