Greetings to our 12SHIPS community,
We are happy to share the results of our first milestone as followed. After Panokseon 1 testing, 12SHIPS team was able to identify stable mining progress, and to launch Hansando Pool beta service. During the beta service period, Hansando Pool’s hash power will be 10 peta hashrate (1 PH/s = 1,000 TH/s), and for the betterment of the project the team has determined to mine Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for the highest profitability.

The distribution of locked-up TSHP, including private investors, has also been completed today. As a result, TSHP token holders may participate in the governance of Hansando Pool ( On Hansando Pool, you can check the status of has power and Bitcoin Cash mining operating on Panokseon 1, and participate in decisions on the mining coins and utilization of mined coins. TSHP token holders may check the quantity of tokens and the schedule of unbound when joining Hansando Pool.

Our team is going to make an additional announcement on the peta hashrates that may be generated accordingly by mass production of Panokseon 1 around a month of a period. Please, keep it tuned for future announcements. 12 SHIPS teams will always works hard to meet your expectations.

Thank you