I'll announce you through the schedule and detailed methods for distributionTSHP tokens.
(Check Hansan live https://community.hansandopool.com/#/dashboard for more details.)

  1. Identifying your address and 12SHIPS token quantity in the attached current token holder Excel file
    (You can easily find it by pressing Ctrl+F in the Excel file, typing your current wallet address, and then pressing Enter.)
  2. Check the address and quantity and if there is no problem, there is nothing more to do. Starting September 23, TSHP tokens will be distributed sequentially by Smart Contract. Even if it's distributed, you can't check it right away because it's locked. Starting October 21, you can check your wallet address for TSHP token, which has been unlocked for one day every day.
  3. If your current wallet has been hacked or if you need special measures, such as the loss of your personal key, please follow the instructions below.

===Guidance on Special Measures===
Please send an e-mail at contact@12ships.com for any further action you may have taken. Please be sure to observe the schedule, as we will no longer be able to take action under Smart Contract after the

Schedule: 2019.08.28 to 2019.09.20

Reception details:

  • Name and e-mail (The person who did KYC to us does not need further identification, but the person who did not do KYC may ask for identification.)
  • The wallet address and quantity of the 12SHIPS
  • Abnormal content (you can be requested documentation for abnormal content, such as confirmation of hacking facts)
  • What you want to do (new wallet address, etc.)