Dear 12SHIPS Community, 12Ships Michael Ahn.

The 12Ships team has taken a difficult journey in the rapidly changing crypto market and semiconductor manufacturing environment. In the meantime, we are preparing to finalize the production of Panakseon 1 and to start the official service of Hansando Pool from October 26 as part of the Beta Service operation of Hansando Pool.

Panokseon 1 with a total of 60PH/s hash power will be operational, with 10PH/s being prepared as BCH Mining via Hansando Pool and 50PH/s as BTC Mining via ViaBTC. If you have an agenda on the operation of Mining, if you can send us your opinion on the agenda of Hansando Pool, we will operate it democratically through token holder voting in the future.

The hash factory to be used until the first half of next year has been prepared. Please understand that it is difficult to disclose the location for various reasons at the moments. Kindly refer to the operation report to be posted on Oct.28 on the dashboard of Hansando Pool for October beta service operation results and incineration plans, which include electricity and operating costs.

To celebrate Hansando Pool’s official service launch, we have prepared an event in OlleNature(, so please join us in the celebration.

Please show your support for 12Ships' future voyage.

Thank you.

12Ships Michael Ahn.