Dear 12Ships Community,

 Upbit has announced on Jun. 18 that it will terminate transaction support for 12Ships (TSHP) on 12:00 am June 28, 2021.

 The 12Ships Team is of course very disappointed to hear this decision because we've made many efforts in communicating with Upbit, but we also understand that Upbit has made such a tough decision under strict regulatory matters.

 So, we fully respect Upbit's position and decision of de-listing 12Ships. We have also noticed rumors about so-called listing fees, for the best awareness of the 12Ships Team. There was NOT a single listing fee charged by Upbit for the listing of 12Ships tokens at all and the 12Ships Team has always been treated fairly on Upbit.

 The 12Ships Team will seek more guidance from Upbit and revolve the project to be a more global legally compatible one so that the relisting of 12Ships on Upbit can be put on the schedule in the future.

 At the moment, the transaction support for 12Ships (TSHP) is still available on Gate,io, Bittrex, and some other exchanges.

 In crypto, we trust!

All the best,

Yous sincerely,

The 12Ships Team