Starting October 21, TSHP token will be released for the existing 12SHIPS token holders for the 300 days (for example, holders with 3,000 12SHIP will receive 10 swapped tokens daily starting October 21)
Please read the instructions below regarding the quantity of unlocked volumes in your wallet as the lock-up is controlled by the smart contact.


  1. From 9 AM on October 21 (UTC+9,KST), daily token release will be made for your wallet for the 300 days at 9 AM everyday, and be available for you to check the balance on the wallet.
  2. The quantity that can be checked can be transferred as the lockup is released. However, on the day of the transaction, the balance may be displayed differently after the transaction or appear to be zero regardless of the balance.
  3. Since the lock-up release is at 9 AM, it may be difficult to check the balance until 9 AM the next day for the transactions made after 9AM, or 9 AM the same day for transactions made before 9AM of the same day.
  4. The exact balance after the transaction can be found in the [My TSHP Token Information] menu on Hansando Pool. You can also check the correct quantity again in your wallet when the new quantity is unlocked at 9 AM the next day.
  5. If it is difficult to check the balance after each transaction, or if you need to make several transactions a day, transfer the entire unlocked token volume to another wallet and then trade through that wallet to immediately check the token balance.

Thank you.
12SHIPS Team