12ships will make your journey to the blockchain investment


by providing profitable and reliable mining infrastructure


12Ships was launched to realize the paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through blockchain.
We have developed both the high-performance hardware needed to keep the data recorded in the blockchain
reliable and the software needed for its operations.This is the future that 12Ships will realize to turn this
platform and service into a new business that is capable of expanding.

asic chip
  • High performance & low power
  • Support multi-algorithm mining
  • Supports functions like real-time switching, combination of multiple algorithms and parallel mining
  • With world leading production process and low voltage technology
Immersion Cooling System
  • 100 times more efficient than the air-cooling method
  • Save up to 50% of the space and reduce 40% energy consumption
  • Patented Heat Exchanger System
  • Thermal energy recycling using mobile container module
  • The only Bitcoin mining pool in Korea
  • 3S (Smart Monitoring, Smart Contract, Smart Voting) Easy UI / UX
  • Transparent operation and calculate
  • We will develop and offer more profitable digital asset options including Altcoin Mining in the future
  • PoW-based public block-chain network
  • Applies to data requiring forgery prevention and convenient verification
  • Expansion from product / shipment history to quality / reputation
  • The node that participated in the verification and generation of the block chain secured the rewards


  • 12Ships Statement on Upbit Decision to Terminate Transaction Support
  • 12Ships Statement on the designation notice of Upbit
  • Vancores along with 12Ships Participated in World Semiconductor Conference 2020
  • 2020 First Meet-up at Konkuk Univ. on Jan 17th
  • Notice 1st Burning of TSHP
  • Hansando Pools official service launching
  • An important notice for the existing 12SHIPS token holders
  • Panokseon1 Preparation Progresss & Hansando Pool Operation Plan
  • 1st Milestone Hansando Pool Beta Open
  • Last notice regarding TSHP distribution
  • Notice/Hanshando Pool Launch
  • TSHP Token Distribution Detail Guide
  • Mass Production of Panokseon
  • 12Shipps Project Listing on the Korean and foreign exchanges
  • AMCHAM Cryptocurrency Seminar 2018
  • 12Ships participated in Blockchain Expo at Busan, Korea
  • 12Ships revealed the demo version of Panokseon II at 3rd Meet-up
  • Mr. Youngbeom Ko, the ex-vice president of Samsung Electronics Semiconductor, joins in 12Ships
  • Dr. Seokwon Kim, the author of "Unleashing Blockchain", join in 12Ships
  • 8th ASIC development meeting on May 24, 2018
  • 12Ships members workshop at Seoul on June 2, 2018
  • Second Meet-up at Grand Intercon. on June 22th, 2018
  • First Meet-up at Coex on May 14th, 2018