Dear 12SHIPS community, we are pleased to inform you of the Panokseon 1 preparation progress, and the Hansando pool operation plan as shown below.

Panokseon 1 will currently operate a total of 60 PH/s, including 10 PH/s, which has been operated by Hansando Pool as a beta service.
First, the BCH Reward, which operated at 10 PH/s as a beta service in Hansando Pool on October 25, will officially launch the service from October 26th, with the result of the electricity charge and Hansando Pool operating expenses deducted then rest to be burned (all balance to be used for burn).
From October 26, we will put 50 PH/s into BTC Mining from ViaBTC in order to finish it in the second week of November.
We are developing additional screens for you to view all mining conditions through dashboards in Hansando Pool website.

The water cooling version of Panokseon 2 is being developed by a specialized water cooling hash board, and the cooling system is being built and tested. We will let you know as soon as the start-up test is complete with the development of the dedicated hash board.

Thank you