Greetings to our supportive 12 SHIPS community!
Thanks to the preparation period up to now, the interest for Panokseon has been increasing day by day.
In line with this trend, the 12SHIPS team has decided on prioritizing the mass production of Panokseon 1, which was determined as the fastest way to show tangible results, in return for the Token-Holder people's decision to lock-up system to stabilize 12SHIPS’ token economy.
Panokseon 2 is also currently being developed. However, due to recent international issues such as trade disputes and export restrictions, the supply and demand of non-flammable refrigerants for water-cooled products has become difficult and it is deemed best to respond as quickly
as possible to the rapidly changing bitcoin market, so we are currently mass-producing air-cooled Panokseon I, which has a far superior speed in mass production and higher cost-efficiency.
The 12SHIPS team came to a conclusion, that it would be much better for the project and community to stabilize the aforementioned Panokseon 1 by applying it to Hansando pool and to review the application timing of Panokseon 2 inorder to respond appropriately to the direction of
international issues in the future.
In addition, we are preparing various ways to bring about positive results in time for each participant in the current lock-up system.
We will continue to work hard to bring you more of the exciting news in the near future.

Thank you.